Funky & Fab-u-lous: meet our new wine

Went up to that there London to imbibe the vibe. And the vibe that grabbed #SoHoEx was… wine. While we’re (obviously) still loving aperol spritz, there’s a place on our socials for another quirky-hued drink Read more

Qualitative Pleasing?

Never mind the High Street, hospitality is also getting a long-overdue re-boot on the back of lockdown. I’m going to be brutal about my sector, because the truth is that it was all over the place at the end of 2019. A great, wobbling, broad… Read more

Vision, On

What do you see in this picture? Me first: at a simple level I see three beautiful women dancing together in a stylised idyllic setting. The flowers underfoot, the position of the women, their hands clasped and caressing make me think along classical lines –… Read more

The Booking Truth

If you never use or any other Online Travel Agent (OTA) I give you a virtual high five. You can stop reading now and bask in the silent applause of independent hoteliers everywhere. But if you use OTAs, I want you to know what… Read more

Lockdown Silver-Lining

This is what we did during lockdown. We didn’t plan it this way, of course. The Green Room at Southernhay House was set up, in our heads, in the early days of 2011 while we were remodeling and designing the building as a boutique hotel. It was always going to be a light touch, a glass extension to the main action in the hotel bar. Read more

Your “non-essential” Guide to Life

Updating the website, as you do when time is elastic, I came across my last blog. It’s all upbeat: plans, strategy and solutions. Good on me back in May. Because, in August, we implemented those plans, we adapted and we survived to be stronger than… Read more

Human Touch

Did you watch daleks from behind the sofa? Did Star Trek make you think, “wow, what if…” Are you checking memes from Back to the Future right now? Remember when you first saw the iPhone screen move? You’re really going to need to draw on… Read more

Life on the Inside

Since my last blog, times have changed fast but seemingly in slo-mo. We’re now resigned to the days, dropping like water into a bottomless bucket. First, a heartfelt thanks to everyone we’ve spoken to who has been supportive, moved existing bookings forward, and even made… Read more

The Ghost Hotel

#SoHoEx is dabbling in political waters now. I’m going to take a stab at writing about how it feels to close an hotel, ask staff to take unpaid leave (or redundancy) for up to four months and mothball a business that’s taken almost 10 years… Read more

The Royal Stalemate

Southernhay House Hotel has been here, in Exeter, since June 2011. We made the hotel by accident; walking into the city centre each day we would pass the empty shell of a Georgian building. Believing that beautiful buildings deserve respect, and that they need to… Read more