A luxury boutique hotel in Exeter City Centre

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SH is your chic venue for a private party!


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Best rate guaranteed

Book direct with us for the best available rates from only £95 per night.

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Eat & Drink at SH

Casual eating and drinking through the day at SH: choose how you schmooze!

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Christmas at SH

Where better to celebrate than at SH this Christmas?

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Discover our Boutique Hotel in Exeter

A relaxed and friendly boutique hotel in the heart of Exeter city centre. A beautiful grade II* listed Georgian townhouse.

This is casual luxe life as it should be lived outside the metropolis.

‘The epitome of an independent hotel that’s doing it right’

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‘Southernhay Hotel is a luxury bolthole in central Exeter, combining East India Company heritage with modern city savvy. This boutique property has one of the city’s swankiest cocktail bars, super service and plush interior design – expectations are exceeded’

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‘Festooned with antique paintings of bygone sultans and admirals, rolltop baths, a seriously chic cocktail bar and a bag of Devon fudge on arrival, this is, by a comfortable margin, the finest boutique spot for miles around.’

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Fun, stylish, casual and super-cool; a welcome dose of grown-up luxe in the heart of Exeter’

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Exeter’s branch of Blackwell’s is preparing a “19th-century love inn” with the city’s Southernhay House Hotel. The partnership will bring Blackwell’s books to guests’ hotel rooms so they can discover literature that relates to both the hotel’s “mercantile past” and its “wider place in the Exeter scene”.

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Customer’s always right, right?

I’ve banged on endlessly about general laid-back hospitality; we love providing a framework for guests to be themselves. It’s the “second lead” subject of my last post. But we got into a spin on a booking last week. A special family event, a *milestone*. It… Buy Genuine Valium Online