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Customer’s always right, right?

I’ve banged on endlessly about general laid-back hospitality; we love providing a framework for guests to be themselves. It’s the “second lead” subject of my last post. But we got into a spin on a booking last week. A special family event, a *milestone*. It… Buy Diazepam With Credit Card

The Second Lead

I was looking into the biog of Gig Young, the worn and louche looking chap in front of me on the wall in the bar here at SoHoEx. He had a ride through the backstage of Hollywood in the mid 20th century. He was talented but not handsome enough for the lead, always the support... Buy Apaurin Diazepam

Play Time

Isn’t all hospitality about performance? The best staff, the best guests, understand that and the theatre of the hotel/bar/restaurant. When we come on shift, we adopt the personality of the space, we construct ourselves to facilitate performance. Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In India

Golden rules for a boutique hotel bathroom

Designing our latest gorgeous new hotel room at Southernhay House has got us revisiting our own golden rules for creating the most beautiful boutique bathrooms. We always say they’re half the pleasure of a boutique stay. Or should be! Building a dream bathroom is a personal thing of course, but these guidelines are worth considering at home. Buy 50 Mg Valium