A luxury boutique hotel in Exeter City Centre

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When you need a space for business or pure pleasure – we’re here!


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Best rate guaranteed

Book direct with us for the best available rates from only £95 per night.

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Eat & Drink at SH

Food and drinks in the club room, bar or garden. Choose how you schmooze at SH!

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Valentine’s Night

SH does classy romance in style! Treat yourselves…

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Discover our Boutique Hotel in Exeter

A relaxed and friendly boutique hotel in the heart of Exeter city centre. A beautiful grade II* listed Georgian townhouse.

This is casual luxe life as it should be lived outside the metropolis.

‘Southernhay Hotel is a luxury bolthole in central Exeter, combining East India Company heritage with modern city savvy. This boutique property has one of the city’s swankiest cocktail bars, super service and plush interior design – expectations are exceeded’

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‘Fun, stylish, casual and super-cool; a welcome dose of grown-up luxe in the heart of Exeter’

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Exeter’s branch of Blackwell’s is preparing a “19th-century love inn” with the city’s Southernhay House Hotel. The partnership will bring Blackwell’s books to guests’ hotel rooms so they can discover literature that relates to both the hotel’s “mercantile past” and its “wider place in the Exeter scene”.

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From the blog…

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Golden rules for a boutique hotel bathroom

Designing our latest gorgeous new hotel room at Southernhay House has got us revisiting our own golden rules for creating the most beautiful boutique bathrooms. We always say they’re half the pleasure of a boutique stay. Or should be! Building a dream bathroom is a personal thing of course, but these guidelines are worth considering at home. Order Valium Sweden