Veganuary: well, why not!

What’s the deal with people when the V word pops up? Personally, I love a root vegetable and have 100 recipes involving chickpeas at my fingertips. Yet, every chef I’ve ever run a spot of vegetable love past has rolled his or her eyes and referred me back to the local field to eat grass.

While Devon has probably the best livestock in the UK, and the most sustainable and ethically minded farmers, I’m raising a flag for our vegetables. Of which Devon also has a glut. Or a gut. Now turning vegan might be easy in London or New York but down here in the South West it can be difficult to eat outside your own kitchen. All hail, then to The Roots Foundation, our very own vegan barber and social space, selling plant-based products of every kind. And Rabbit Cafe, highly recommended in reviews, for the sweet toothed vegan. Let us know how and where you get your plant-based fix this month…..and whether it sticks.