Author: Angie

  • Between the Covers at SH….

    We’re exploring a relationship with Britain’s fastest growing bookseller because what happens between the covers is as important as what goes on between the sheets.

  • Tuscany dreaming in Exeter this Easter

    Is it silly to compare Exeter and the surrounding Devon countryside with Tuscany? Probably, but it’s Easter and it’s raining and we’re doing it anyway.

  • It’s a grass diet for Devon’s High Sheriff

    Grania Phillips of Colleton Beef, and Devon’s next High Sheriff, popped into Southernhay House for a chat ahead of the launch event for Devon County Show.

  • Mum’s the word

    They might deny it, but mums all over Britain are deeply disappointed by a failure to acknowledge Mother’s Day. So SH has come up with the mother of all menus to help you score top points

  • What’s love got to do with it?

    Plenty, it transpires. The first owner of Southernhay House, Captain William Kirkpatrick was a polymath, inquisitive about different cultures and….an incurable romantic. With two women in his life – one English, one Indian – and children with both, William let his heart lead when choosing…

  • Not Only Introverts Need Personal Space

    You’ve done the Myers Briggs Test, right? You’re sure as can be what’s right for you and suits your personality type? Well, just because you’re ENTJ doesn’t mean you can’t use a little me-time behind a closed door, soaking up bubbles in a huge bath…

  • Is it Blue Monday for you?

    We’re told this is the day most of us feel mopey. The weather here in Exeter certainly isn’t helping, so we’ve put together a little pack of instant (or semi) gratification for you all on our doorstep. Just a stepping stone in our campaign to…

  • Veganuary: well, why not!

    What’s the deal with people when the V word pops up? Personally, I love a root vegetable and have 100 recipes involving chickpeas at my fingertips. Yet, every chef I’ve ever run a spot of vegetable love past has rolled his or her eyes and…