Not Only Introverts Need Personal Space

You’ve done the Myers Briggs Test, right? You’re sure as can be what’s right for you and suits your personality type? Well, just because you’re ENTJ doesn’t mean you can’t use a little me-time behind a closed door, soaking up bubbles in a huge bath before falling into one of Exeter’s best quality, sleep-inducing, sweet-dream provoking beds. Let’s consider what hotels are for, on a spiritual and restorative level. And why do people who would never shoot a puppy, eat a cold doner kebab or drink a pint of snakebite still book hotel rooms to sleep in that are the physical equivalent? Your body should be your temple, so treat it right when choosing which sheets to slip between. Our humble top tips to look for when choosing a room for the night: do the images show clean, laundered white sheets and pillows on the bed and what is provided in the room? Mini-bars are not necessary but fresh coffee and teas are. As are: openable windows, gorgeous hot water pouring out of large showers, warm tootsies on the bathroom floor, super-sized towels and interesting (or at least beautiful and relevant) art in the room.