Is it Blue Monday for you?

We’re told this is the day most of us feel mopey. The weather here in Exeter certainly isn’t helping, so we’ve put together a little pack of instant (or semi) gratification for you all on our doorstep. Just a stepping stone in our campaign to serve up casual-luxe to you in the heart of the city. After all, when the world seems to be tearing itself apart, start small and focus on the details you can change and enjoy. As they say in Japan, kaizen (small steps) start the journey.

Trust your senses on this one and start with your nose. Take a mosey along to John Lewis for the widest range of perfumes in Exeter. Personally, we’re all about Guerlain’s Santal Royale because we’re feeling a bit ‘70s rock and roll royalty. Then grab a couple of new books from one of the two Waterstones in the High Street. If you haven’t yet read The Power by Naomi Alderman, check out an excerpt here and dive straight in. We don’t really get the whole self-improvement thing, but the one that’s grabbed our attention for 2018 is You Do You by Sarah Knight. Warning: strong language!

A sense of touch is much underrated, in our experience. We could be cheeky and say do it at home, but Exeter is overrun with great independent beauty rooms and spas. There’s The Cove in the centre of Princesshay Shopping, Richard Longbrook Salon just behind John Lewis and, for a really technical facial (no, we don’t mean needles unless you want them!) we go straight to Dr Padnya at her clinic just yards from SH.

We’re going to wend your weary way back to SH now; it’s cocktail time and time to think about the small changes you’re going to make this year so 2018 is all about you and your own personal success – in whatever way it comes around. Hoping we’ll play a part in it, too. Happy New Year.

PS: talking of Blue Monday, remember this?