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We offer simply cooked, clean and delicious food in Exeter’s city centre. All of our dishes feature ingredients which are locally sourced and freshly prepared by our Chef and team.

The Club Room is our relaxed eating and meeting space and is open all day for hotel guests and non residents alike. Guests can choose eat from our casual club  menu or seasonal evening menu.  Al fresco eating and drinking when the sun shines is a must on our beautiful veranda or terrace in the green oasis of the garden while in the winter our Club Room is cosy, heated by a log fire.

To book a table for breakfast, lunch or dinner give us a call on 01392 439000 

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    Valentine’s Night

    It may be cheesy, but we can rock a Valentine’s Night: sit back, enjoy our fixed price menu and relax. And, if you want to share the love, get in quickly for our offer on our private dining room: for a party of 6 guests or more we’ll waive the room hire on 14th February and Prosecco is on us!

    Supper is served at 7.30, join us for a complementary welcome drink at 7pm!


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  • Private Dining

    Our Private Dining Room seats 14 around the table in comfort and style. And if you want to go casual or banquet-style, our Club Room seats up to 30: either way, it’s fresh, local food made especially for your party and served with our usual personal style and care for your event. Delicious three course menus start at £38 per head.

    We’re perfect also for a buffet or canapés party for groups over 30, starting at £14.50 per head!

    Room hire charges apply for private dining and parties

    For more details give us a call on 01392 439000

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  • Supper

    Southernhay House Hotel is a popular place to eat out in Exeter City Centre. Our dishes change regularly so that we can make sure our dishes are packed full of the best local produce Exeter and Devon has to offer. Our club menu is available throughout the day and evening, while our seasonal menu takes the fresh market produce of the day and serves it up to you every evening. Oh, and don’t miss out on our full Devon breakfast, if the morning mood takes you!

    To book a table for breakfast, lunch or dinner give us a call on 01392 439000.

    Please note: our kitchen closes at 9pm unless we have advance notice.

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  • Lunch

    Enjoy our club menu for grazing or comfortable classics throughout the day and evening. Flatbreads, beer battered cod & chips, salads and even bangers and mash are fresh each day, as well as light snacks. There’s also a selection of puds, if you fancy something sweet.

    Available all week at lunchtime and evening, in our Bar, our Club Room and – of course – al fresco, weather permitting.

    Please note: our kitchen closes at 9pm.

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  • Breakfast

    Start the day as you mean to go on with a hearty breakfast from 8.00am to 10.30am. We also welcome non-residents to enjoy breakfast with us.


    To book a table as a non-resident for breakfast give us a call on 01392 439000.

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