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    One of the stand-out features of Southernhay House Hotel is our stunning bar. A grown up and relaxed place for both local guests and residents alike to enjoy a glass of fizz, a cocktail or two or a well-poured pint.


    We also serve a great selection of fine wines by the glass and if you start to feel peckish then our club menu is available from 12noon onwards.

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  • Cocktails

    Renowned as ‘THE’ place to enjoy cocktails in Exeter city centre we are proud of our range of speciality cocktails. Do it “Your Way” with a classic Martini, sip on a “Hedgerow Mojito”, succumb to “Tipu’s Temptation” or be social over “#SoHoEx”.

    Buy D10 Diazepam Buy Msj Diazepam Online Buy Valium From India Online