Between the Covers at SH….



We’re exploring a relationship with Britain’s fastest growing bookseller because what happens between the covers is as important as what goes on between the sheets.


We’re partnering with Blackwell’s Books and its Exeter University bookshop to bring Blackwell’s books to SH rooms.


Our guests will discover a curated selection of modern and classic novels in their hotel room, relating to SH’s mercantile past and its wider place in the Exeter scene. From rakish romps to real-life dramas, the collection is inspired by the 19th century origins and entrepreneurial flair of Southernhay House’s first owner, William Kirkpatrick, the romance of the age and its attitude of derring-do.


So, if you stay in Tulip or Sugar at SH, both “luxury double” rooms, you might find The Minaturist by Jessie Burton, a story of trade, scandal and scale in 17th century Amsterdam. Or if you land in Silk, a “comfortable double” you could be introduced to Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden, a tale of Chiyo and her life as a geisha in Kyoto in the mid 20th century.


The first Blackwell’s Bookshop opened in Oxford in 1846. Blackwell’s went on to make its name with bookshops attached to universities all over the country, including Exeter, and now sells books of every kind online at


We’d love to hear your suggestions for great books about Exeter, it’s past and present…..share them with us at #SoHoEx #Kirkpatrickbookclub